• SAGA is aware that audio visual and live theatre industries around the world are investigating th

  • 9 July and the beginning of August, we will deliver written and oral submissions to support the Bills that protect the earning rights of actors. If we fail, we will never see meaningful industry transformation in our lifetime. Included will be our petition of OVER 2000 signatures. Make sure it includes YOURS!

In accordance with a decision taken by UASA at their National Executive Committee meeting, UASA’s Membership Subscriptions have been increased. For current debit order members, UASA will do the necessary in terms of the monthly debit order and relevant change in the subscription rate. We thank you for your continued support of SAGA.

About UASA - our union

The signing of the coalition agreement: UASA CEO, Koos Bezuidenhout (Centre), with Carlynn De Waal-Smit (left) and Hans Strydom (right).

SAGA has a coalition with UASA, an association of trade unions that has been in existence for more than 125 years. UASA is registered with the Department of Labour and represents workers and professionals in the minerals and mining, metal and engineering, transport, agriculture, communication, sport and recreation, media and catering industries.

UASA is politically non-aligned and is dedicated solely to the well-being of its more than 60 000 members. It is represented at the highest decision-making levels on various statutory councils and the Union's expert negotiators are well informed on all policies or pending legislation. In addition it able to lobby parliament through FEDUSA and NEDLAC, providing input into any legislation that might adversely affect members.

Under current legislation, freelance actors are deemed to be self-employed contractors and as such, are generally excluded from the protections offered by the Department of Labour. However, UASA has developed a special sector to service the unique needs of independent professionals, from doctors and lawyers to business consultants and hairdressers. Through our coalition, actors now have access to UASA's existing infrastructure, administrative resources and legal expertise.

SAGA members can be assured of first-rate representation in contractual disputes with producers, up to the level of the Magistrates Court where necessary. In addition, should a member find themselves in formal permanent employment, such representation extends to the CCMA and Labour Court.

Through our powerful coalition partner, the South African Guild of Actors strives to create a bargaining forum for our industry that guards against exploitation of actors by employers and corporate bullies. In addition the Guild aims to determine minimum standards and requirements, and to elevate the South African performance industry to international levels.

About UASA

Through UASA, SAGA members have access to a range of lifestyle and financial benefits. To read more about UASA, its history and benefits, visit www.uasa.co.za

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