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Dirk Jonker

  • Cape Town
Dirk Jonker

Dirk Jonker is a South African actor with several independent short films and commercials to his credit. He has worked with director Akin Amotoso on a Standard Commercial and with director Neal Sunstrom in his short film "Heart Aka 4 Minutes" in 2017.

Dirk has been a SAGA member since 2017, attending many of the workshops and private tuition including acting classes with Kathleen Andersen, General American accent tuition from Robin H Scott and a Meissner Intensive presented by Penny Bramwell Jones.

Dirk appeared in "The Clearing" at The Fringe, Jo'burg theatre in 2017. In December 2019 Dirk portrayed the lead role in an independent film, My Neighbour Earl, which is currently in post-production. He has also appeared in City Varsity Cape Town student films. He played Noah in "Finding Frankie", and the unnamed detective lead role in "The Girl in the Field". Dirk enjoys comedy.

He attends often open improvisation classes and seeks out other performance-based activities such as Toastmasters. He has worked professionally as an engineering draftsman, graphic designer and printer and currently also works as a still’s photographer.


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