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Contracts Workshop

Event Category: 

  • Educational Workshop
Saturday, 18 February, 2017 - 00:00

DATE: 18 February 2017

PLACE: Makukhanye Art Room ( A convoy will be leaving town at 09:30 from City Varsit, Roeland Street )

TIME: 10:00-12:30

COST: Free for SAGA members,

            R30 For non members (sponsored places available to a limited number)

RSVP: Francis vicesecretary@saguildofactors.co.za

A contract is one of the most important documents an actor will  encounter throughout their career and yet many actors are unaware of their rights or how to read or negotiate the terms of agreement between themselves and the production or what to do if a contract has not be honored. This workshop aims to offer tools to help an actor identify the key provisions in a valid contract, how to negotiate terms of an agreement and most importantly to help you, the actor, understand what you are reading before you sign.  

Join us this Saturday 18 February at Makukhanye Art Room in Khayelithsa where Thami Mbongo,  Francis Chouler, Lesoko Seabe and other industry professionals will lead a structured discussion and skills sharing workshop in English and isiXhosa which will assist actors navigating the legal aspects of their work. Should you have specific questions you would like addressed at the workshop, you are welcome to send your questions before the workshop to vicesecretary@saguildofactors.co.za or post your questions on our Facebook page. 

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday at Makukhanye Art Room. 

Signed. Sealed.  Protected.




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