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How to do just about any accent

Event Category: 

  • Educational Workshop
Saturday, 24 June, 2017 - 10:00

How to do Just About Any Accent with Vicki Bawcombe

Date: TOMORROW ( 24 June 2017)

Time: 10:00-12:00

Place : City Varsity, 18 Roeland Street Gardens 

Cost:   Free for SAGA Members, R60 for non members

RSVP:  Lesoko on lesoko@gmail.com or Whatsapp 0826957540

The quieter Winter Season in the Cape is the perfect time for the actor to sharpen their skills. Many actors underestimate the amount of focused work that needs to be done to really get on top of a dialect/accent. This month's workshop will be lead by the renowned Vicki Bawcombe who not only is an actress, writer and educator- she is a sought after dialect and accent coach whose credits include Orpheus in AfricaWest Side Story and was the resident dialect coach on Black Sails .

How to Do Just About Any Accent  is an introduction to the principle of designing an accent or dialect for your character, and then sustaining that design. We'll look at the moving parts involved in creating a set of sounds, and the way the dominant posture influences the rhythm and modulation of the dialect/accent. We'll have some fun applying these ideas to a few accents. The workshop is intended to "break the ice" - it's a starter-kit to help actors to feel freer to explore and develop their accent repertoire. – Vicki Bawcombe


RSVP to secure your place as space is limited.

See you there!

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