• SAGA is aware that audio visual and live theatre industries around the world are investigating th

  • 9 July and the beginning of August, we will deliver written and oral submissions to support the Bills that protect the earning rights of actors. If we fail, we will never see meaningful industry transformation in our lifetime. Included will be our petition of OVER 2000 signatures. Make sure it includes YOURS!

Protect your assets with Capital Legacy

SAGA Members! Don’t let the hidden costs of winding up your estate steal from your family’s inheritance. Protect your assets in death as you do in life.

Exclusive to SAGA members. Indemnify 50% of the costs of winding up your estate with this special ‘Capital Legacy Group Coreplan’  and give your family the peace of mind they deserve.

  • We come to you: our specialists come out to your work or home at your convenience.
  • No charge for will consult: we don’t charge for the Will draft, changes or amendments to your Will, or for the collection and safekeeping of your Will.
  • Save on excessive fees: Executor Fees, Testamentary Trust Fees, Conveyance Attorney Fees, and Policy Claims Administration.


Click on the PDF files below to learn more.

Top 5 consequences of Not having a will

  1. You forfeit the opportunity to decide who inherits what and your Estate is distributed according to South African law. This means people who you may not have wanted to benefit from your Estate may inherit your Estate.
  2. Your Partner may be left with nothing if you are not married or your Will is not updated from a previous marriage.
  3. Your Children’s inheritance could pass to the Government Guardian’s Fund or appointed Guardian rather than to a Trust that will ensure your wishes for them are carried out.
  4. Family feuds often occur when family members argue over the distribution of your Estate when final wishes are not clearly documented in a Will.
  5. Winding up your Estate can take years – without a Will appointing a professional Executor, the government is essentially in control of the process.

Top 5 important costs of dying

  1. Executor fees – You need a professional to wind up your Estate. Professionals cost money and executors can charge up to 3.5% + VAT of the value of your Estate in order to do the work. This could be hundreds of thousands
  2. Immediate expenses – When you pass away, your bank accounts could be frozen and your family could have limited access to money. Our Immediate Liquidity™ Benefit
  3. Testamentary Trust fees – If you are leaving an inheritance to minors, you need to set up a Trust upon your death in order for them to inherit your assets. Trust and ongoing Trustee
  4. Monthly living expenses – Estates can take months, if not years, to wrap up and families mistakenly assume their Estate will pay the monthly ongoing expenses
  5. Taxes – Most people leave their entire Estate to their Spouse, but if both of you pass away and your Children inherit everything


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