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SAGA Talk: Mindful Activism

Event Category: 

  • Educational Workshop
Saturday, 1 July, 2017 - 10:00

Lucy Draper-Clarke will be holding a workshop/talk around MINDFUL ACTIVISM.

DATE      Saturday 1 July 2017

TIME       09H30 for 10H00 until 12H30

VENUE    AFDA Film School, 41 Frost Avenue, Johannesburg

COST      Free

RSVP       Corine Broomberg at admin@saguildofactors.co.za by Thursday 29 June 2017

Lucy will focus  on what mindfulness is, issues within the acting industry (such as gender-based violence, emotional intensity of playing demanding characters that leads to stress and burn-out) and how actors can use the ideas from Mindful Activism to support themselves and make change within the industry itself.

Dr Lucy Draper-Clarke has brought together two fields that she is passionate about: Mindfulness and Activism.  Now that she is moving into her wisdom years, it feels time to offer ideas to motivate others, based on the lucky breaks and the common mistakes that she has experienced along the way.

She runs courses on Mindfulness and Compassion, leads retreats away from the busy stresses of daily life, and speaks to audiences whenever possible, with the wish to encourage people to get engaged with issues of social and environmental justice, at whatever level they feel they can.

You can visit https://youtu.be/JaDrDqctodY for a taste of what is to be explored.


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