• ALL Actors! We need your voices to be heard.

    We need the world to see and hear that our industry supports transformation. That our industry supports FAIR compensation that INCLUDES actor royalties.

    We need you to record a video message and put it on your online presence! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We need all our voices out there under one banner so that when SAGA delivers this message to Parliament, it is a message from all of us.

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Events this year

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On Camera Scene Study 28-Mar-2020 Cape Town, Johannesburg Saturday, 28 March 2020
Panel Discussion - Dept of Labour 06-May-2020 Virtual Wednesday, 06 May 2020
AGM 18-May-2020 Virtual Monday, 18 May 2020
On Camera Scene Study 20-Jun-2020 Cape Town, Durban Saturday, 20 June 2020
KZN Contracts, Rights, SH and Intimacy COD 22-Aug-2020 Virtual Saturday, 22 August 2020
Introduction to Acting Technique 19-Sep-2020 Virtual Saturday, 19 September 2020
KZN Self Tape 101 & Audition Techniques 26-Sep-2020 Virtual Saturday, 26 September 2020
Accents 31-Oct-2020 Virtual Saturday, 31 October 2020
Method Acting Technique 07-Nov-2020 Saturday, 07 November 2020
Preparing for a Role: Building your character 14-Nov-2020 Virtual Saturday, 14 November 2020
Improvisation & Comedy 28-Nov-2020 Virtual Saturday, 28 November 2020
Audition Technique 05-Dec-2020 Virtual Saturday, 05 December 2020
Annual Review Session 12-Dec-2020 Virtual Saturday, 12 December 2020

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