• 9 July and the beginning of August, we will deliver written and oral submissions to support the Bills that protect the earning rights of actors. If we fail, we will never see meaningful industry transformation in our lifetime. Included will be our petition of OVER 2000 signatures. Make sure it includes YOURS!

  • ALL Actors! We need your voices to be heard.

    We need the world to see and hear that our industry supports transformation. That our industry supports FAIR compensation that INCLUDES actor royalties.

    We need you to record a video message and put it on your online presence! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We need all our voices out there under one banner so that when SAGA delivers this message to Parliament, it is a message from all of us.

Online Workshops

Part of SAGA's mission is to uphold the excellence and harness the passion of the performance industry. SAGA has offered regular skills development workshops since early 2020.  When COVID-19 resulted in events and learning institutions being shut all across the world, the launch of our SAGA Skills Portal was expedited.

The skills education and empowerment Portal is part of the Guild's mentorship and skills transfer program. Our objective is to improve professionalism across all acting disciplines, with specific attention to youth and gender equality.

For sustainable growth, SAGA believes that potential talent must be identified and channeled towards legitimate mentorship and acting opportunities. This portal harnesses the institutional knowledge and provides skills transfer to both working actors as well as under-served communities.

The portal allows actors to upskill and learn anytime, anywhere and offers online workshops,panel discussions and convenient micro-learning experiences. Subject matter experts guide participants through the learning process, providing interesting, current and relevant content for performers. Research shows that online learning increases retention of information and is an efficient use of time.

Getting access to the Portal!

You need to set up an account on the Portal to view Events in the calendar, past workshops and courses. 

If you are not a SAGA Member, access to some workshops might be restricted. To become a Member or get access to restricted events, please contact the SAGA Administrator at admin@saguildofactors.co.za.

We're excited to offer all our members and amateur and professional actors the opportunity to be part of FREE workshops presented throughout the year. Whether you're interested in accent classes, voice over tips, casting guidelines and etiquette, advice on how to manage your finances or a guiding hand while reading your contract, we have something for everyone.


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The Professional Actor

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Online Workshops

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