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The art and craft of acting at the highest level demands immense dedication and skill: SAGA recognises this, and has put in place a mechanism that allows our seasoned and professional actors to claim the endorsement they deserve.

Those actors looking to take their careers to new heights can now apply for a ‘professional designation’, a recognition of the immense dedication and skill that the craft of acting demands at the highest levels. The SAGA PRO designation, which may be appended to the actor’s name, serves as the ultimate stamp of quality when it comes to a South African actor’s professional conduct, their knowledge of the industry, and their commitment to their art.

Part of SAGA’s mission in seeking to secure a Professional Actor designation from SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) is to ensure that industry standards remain as high as possible, strengthening the position of South African actors in today’s globalised entertainment market. By becoming a Certified Professional Actor through SACIA (The Southern African Communications Industries Association), you are helping to keep the entertainment industry in South Africa healthy, and in doing so, benefiting your colleagues and fellow actors.

In order to qualify for a SAGA PRO designation, an actor should hold an NQF-level 7 qualification in drama or the performing arts. However, due to the nature of the industry, and acting as a profession, both SAGA and the certification council of SACIA make provision for actors to apply based on a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). But all actors wishing to achieve their professional designation are required to submit a portfolio of evidence, detailing their professional activity, on the strength of which their application will be considered.

In order to maintain their designation as a SAGA PRO, actors are required to achieve a certain number of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points every year, which demonstrate their continued engagement with the evolving industry, keeping abreast of industry standards. The CPD points can be earned by participating in mentor/mentee relationships with other actors, participating in SAGA hosted events, or through the learning content on the SAGA Skills Portal (coming soon). Actors maintaining their SAGA PRO designation must also hold a Full Membership with SAGA and/or a membership with SACIA.

The bar has been set high but there many actors in South Africa more than qualified to receive their certification as a SAGA PRO. SAGA hopes that by securing this professional designation for South African actors there will be a greater recognition of their passion and commitment to their profession. SAGA is constantly working to expand the possible benefits to those actors who hold their certification. To learn more about the requirements, and to apply for a SAGA PRO designation, please visit the “Certified Actor” page on the SACIA website,

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