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Part of SAGA’s mission is to uphold the excellence and harness the passion of the performance industry. Whether you’re interested in acting tips, casting guidelines and etiquette, advice on how to manage your finances or a guiding hand while reading your contract, we plan have something for everyone.

If you have useful advice or a perspective on acting and actors, why not tell us about it for consideration in our blog! Your insightful opinions will increase your profile in the industry. We will make sure you get all the credit. Views expressed on this blog are the responsibility of the individual correspondents and do not reflect the official position of SAGA, unless otherwise specified.

Jack Devnarain Presentation on the Impact of A.I. on Performer Rights [VIDEO]
Technology has always evolved and actors have learned to adapt and upskill. However, generative AI is...
Become a Certified Professional Actor
The art and craft of acting at the highest level demands immense dedication and skill: SAGA recognises...
PETITION 21-09-2023
Hollywood Strikes Highlight the Plight of South African Actors: A Call for Change
South African actors are coerced into contracts that strip us of fundamental constitutional rights, and...
Strategic Realignment: SAGA and UASA
When SAGA was established more than thirteen years ago, it was with the intention of registering as a...
Copyright and Performers Protection Amendment Bills Face Sustained Headwinds on their Passage into Law
The Copyright and Performers Protection Amendment Bills continue to provide some hope for the rights...
SA Protocols for Intimate Content in TV, Film & the Media
SA Protocols for Intimate content in TV, film & the mediaDownload In film, television, digital...
Intellectual Property: The Lesser-Known Actor in Film-Making
Next time you watch a film, look at the long list of credits at the end. This will give you an idea of...
Dept of Employment & Labour
Submissions by the South African Guild of Actors to Government Notice Number R1591 dated 11 December,...
Performers Protection Amendment Bill
The Copyright Amendment Bill and the Performers Protection Amendment Bill ensure that actors will never...
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