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How Much? Claim Agency through Financial Savvy

Freedom! Wouldn’t that be nice? In truth, many of us freelancers feel shackled by our financial obligations and our unpredictable flow of income. We live hand-to-mouth with the ever present feeling that we’re failing, we’re being exploited, that we should be earning more. How much more? Well … enough. And how much is that? How much is “enough”? That is a difficult question to answer, unless one embraces the full implications of the term “free agent”. Let’s face it; freedom is meaningless without agency, without the capacity for us, as individuals, to make choices.

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“So, what’s your real job?”

When the long-running soap-opera ‘Generations’ went off air, the 16 actors at the centre of the storm filed papers with the CCMA, challenging their dismissal. The first question the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration had to answer is whether or not it has jurisdiction at all in the matter: are the actors ‘employees’ as defined in the labour legislation, or are they in fact common law ‘independent contractors’.

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